Double Hinge Door Cooler – HD890

Small double Hinged door High-performance beverage cooler.

Key Model Features


  1. Digital Thermostat for accurate temperature control and built-in voltage protection.
  2. Low-E Glass for improved insulation, lower running costs, and reduced condensation.
  3. EcoMate Polyurethane Insulation foam, water-based, Nonflammable, and Zero ODP.
  4. Fully Adjustable Shelving.
  5. High-Efficiency Compressor.
  6. High-performance Heat exchanges.
  7. Available in the following finishes:
    • HD890 – Std Model with black trim and white chromadek
    • HD890-L – HD890 with LED lighting
    • HD890-LF – HD890 with LED lighting and high-efficiency fans
    • HD890-LFS – HD890 with LED lighting and high-efficiency fans,
      grey trims and stainless steel sides.
    • SHD890 – HD890 with grey trim, solid stainless steel doors
      and stainless steel sides.

Digital Thermostat
For accurate temperature control and built-in voltage protection.

Low E Glass Door
Improved glass insulation lowers running costs and reduces condensation.

LED lighting
Longer lifetime and greatly reduced heat in the cabinet so less work for the refrigeration unit.