Wanted – SA’s Oldest Staycold Beverage Cooler

Staycold Beverage Cooler

Wanted – South Africa’s oldest Staycold Beverage Cooler.

Staycold has been manufacturing commercial refrigeration for more than 40 years – known for their durability and reliability, Staycold fridges can often be found still working hard long after others have fallen away. This is why Bonanza is a proud stockist of Staycold Fridges. Check out Cooling & Refrigeration selection to meet your refrigeration needs.

During the 1980’s Staycold began manufacture of their legendary beverage coolers, and to celebrate this, they are on the hunt for the oldest working example here in South Africa; i.e. South Africa’s oldest working Staycold beverage cooler. August is their birthday, so no better way to celebrate their birthday than to launch this fantastic campaign.

They are thus on the search for, and offering in reward for this unit, a brand new Staycold fridge in the equivalent size to exchange for the company/person that wins.

The winning unit will be bought home to their factory in Parys, given some TLC, and proudly displayed in their showroom where it will receive the honor it deserves. It will be placed there together with Staycold’s brand new models that are showcased and available to the trade.

Please note, this is a Staycold Competition, not a Bonanza Competition. for more information on the competition go to Staycold Website for more information on winning yourself a new Staycold Beverage Cooler for your self or company.